Marsellus Wallace is a gang boss and husband to Mia Wallace. He is the boss of Vincent Vega, Jules Winnfield, Butch Coolidge, and many other unknown gangsters. He is said to have thrown a man off a building for giving Mia a foot massage, and he is a victim of rape, courtesy of Zed.


Marsellus had been a powerful gangster for a while. He supposedly threw a man off a balcony for giving his wife a foot massage and was an intimidating name when brought up by Vincent Vega to Lance. He runs most of his business through his front, Inglewood strip club.

The Gold WatchEdit

In this sequence, Marsellus is hit by a car, the driver, Butch Coolidge. Butch was already wanted by Marsellus, and when Marsellus realizes it's him, he chases him into Maynard's pawn shop. As Butch is about to kill Marsellus, Maynard pulls out his shotgun, and holds the two hostage. Zed then shows up, and rapes Marsellus. While Zed is raping him, Butch breaks free and takes a samurai sword from the shop to kill Maynard. Before Butch can kill Zed, Marsellus appears in the background with Maynard's shotgun.

He orders Butch to step aside and then shot in Zed in the groin, and when ask what now, he said he's gone to called a couple of homeboys to work on Zed with a pair of pliers and blowtorch and shouts at him that he will go medieval on him.

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